I had a long update in the works, and it is right now in the Drafts folder, half finished.  Meanwhile, this happened:

My friend gifted me an Edimax 3G-6210n portable wifi router, and it arrived by courier today.  I immediately set to work configuring it to use my 3G / EVDO USB datamodem.  I noticed that a firmware upgrade was recommended in the manual, and proceeded to download it.

I then used the router’s web interface to apply the upgrade, and against all better judgment, power cycled the router when it seemingly went unresponsive for a while.


The router is completely bricked.  There is no specific information on the internet about how to unbrick it, although there are a lot of pointers for DD-WRT based devices.  I don’t know which chipset this router uses, but the standard recovery methods have just run into a reinforced concrete wall.  The router neither generates a wifi signal now, nor does it connect through its LAN port.

I have only myself to blame.

Bottomline: If you haven’t decided on your Adam version yet, make sure you choose the 3G version.  And count your blessings.


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