Bluetooth Keyboard Warning!

[Update 2: I have found some hard hacks to make the keyboard work partially on Adam / Android, but it is still a work in progress.  I need proper drivers that register the keyboard on the Adam, and would appreciate if you can pass them along]

[Update: I paired this device to my Windows 7 laptop just now, and it got connected immediately. It works properly, although there is a slight lag between the keypress and text appearing on the laptop.  The feel however is horrible.  It is not meant for one hand use, and is unwieldy for thumbs and feels very delicate.  If Nokia Communicator’s keyboard is an 8, this one is a definite 4 or even 3.]

Right now I am trying to bang my head against a bluetooth keyboard I bought today for Rs.1,500 from E Zone.  It goes by the name Mini Bluetooth Keyboard, and while the box says it supports Android, it actually does not support anything above 2.0.  The included CD does not have any Android driver on it, there is nothing available on the internet except a 16-day limited driver from a company called Teksoft that lists on Market, and even that is a failure.

The reason I am resorting to driver downloads is that while the Adam finds and pairs with the keyboard, it does not make a connection.

I downloaded two versions of the driver APKs.  1.6, which runs on Android 2.0 downwards, and 1.8, which is supposed to run on Android 2.2/2.3, especially tablets.  I tried both the drivers one by one.  After installation, you get an application blueinput, which when run gives you a UI to detect the keyboard and connect to it.  So far so good.  Blueinput also appears in Settings > Languages & Keyboards.  You need to select its checkbox to be able to ‘use’ the keyboard.  In my test, when I selected the input method as blueinput while editing a note, a wide black bar with blueinput settings buttons appeared on the bottom of the screen.  It can be hidden and reaccessed from Settings.  However, pressing keys on the keypad did not result into any text input.  I uninstalled the 1.6 driver, installed the 1.8 version, and repeated this experiment, which yielded the same results.  On two occasions, I could hear some clicks after I had quit the keyboard and deselected it from Settings.

I don’t think this piece of junk will work, and I am returning it to E Zone tomorrow.

Don’t waste your money on it, and wait till you hear that Android supports bluetooth devices ‘out of the box’.


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5 Responses to Bluetooth Keyboard Warning!

  1. nithyanand says:

    Is the Adam virtual keyboard that bad, so much so that one has to resort to a physical keyboard?

    • Nishit says:

      Well, actually there are times when you want to keep the screen away, type something fast, etc. Lack of tactile feedback and accuracy problems plague touchscreen devices everywhere, apart from taking up precious screen estate.

  2. nithyanand says:

    I just watched the presentation where Honeycomb was released. Looks really promising. Much more like a real OS than what we’ve had so far.

  3. nithyanand says:

    You haven’t rooted your device yet, have you?

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