Finally, some relief

I finally have some good news.  The 3G wifi router that I had managed to brick before even using it has been replaced by Neoteric Infomatique Ltd., a distribution and service company that is an authorised service agent for many computer and peripheral brands, including Edimax.  I had actually found them while trying to locate a dealer who could give me some idea about a recovery procedure for reflashing the router.

It was very nice of Neoteric and its helpful staff, who arranged for a replacement authorised by the vendor, without even checking my invoices etc.  I now have a slightly used router, which is now working fine.  Please get in touch with me if you want to know how to configure an Edimax 3G-6210n router now 😉

Secondly, while roaming around on Lamington Road, Mumbai, hunting for a Philips Table Lamp along with a colleague who wanted it, I was able to find a small (around 6″ X 12″ in size) USB keyboard for just Rs.250 ($6)!  It is very lightweight and slim.  I’ll post the photos tomorrow.  It is working fine with the Adam, but it is a bit too large to carry around in the bag I had spoken about earlier.  However, it will fit easily in my backpack, or I can keep it home and use it when I want to chat.

In the meantime, I just discovered that my USB datamodem had gone into a coma while I was typing this post, forcing me to reboot the router twice.   The router should have some way of keeping the connection alive.

How are the deliveries coming up?  One of my friends who has ordered an LCD+3G model is going crazy waiting for news of shipment.  What is going on at Notion Ink?


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3 Responses to Finally, some relief

  1. nithyanand says:

    My LCD 3G model shipment date was shifted from “25 Feb – 10 Mar” to “3rd Mar – 10th Mar”. Shifting the goalposts, I say! I had ordered on 10 Feb.

  2. arprasath says:

    hi nishit, where are the photos of usb keyboard? are you using any custom rom like edenx. heard eden x is really good.

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