Some hardware issues and accessory pics

Hi there,

I had promised earlier that I would post some accessory pics, videos etc., so here they are finally.

The following pics show the Adam with an Edimax 3G-6210n router running a Reliance Netconnect EVDO modem, the Rs.250 USB keyboard I had bought, and the Rs.1,500 mini bluetooth keyboard as well.

Adam, keyboard, 3G router

USB keyboard thickness

Tiny bluetooth keyboard vs. USB keyboard

One of the first things I had noticed when I got my Adam was a dead pixel visible on dark backgrounds.  Next up are some screen photos showing it, another faint dead pixel (probably single channel) that is hard to notice, a cloudy patch that turned out to be the effect of pressure on the screen from the Adam’s internals, and shots of the screen from extreme viewing angles.

Dead Pixel 1

Macro shot of screen

full screen




Just to remind you, I am using a Pixel Qi screen.  The rainbow hues that you see on your screen aren’t actually so vivid, but seem to be the effect of my Canon SD1100 IS’s lens filters.

Next up, I have uploaded a video showing the proof that the cloudy spot on the screen is actually the result of something pressing it from the inside.  You will notice the spot go brighter and fainter rhythmically as I press on the back of the Adam with my finger.

I have asked NI for remedial measures under Warranty, as I believe that the screen could be damaged in the long run if something keeps on pressing it from the back, especially given that the back cover feels wobbly.

I have not used the GPS on the Adam much, so I do not have an idea of how long it takes to get first fix.  Again, I don’t have a 3G version, and so A-GPS will not work without a wifi network being available.

However, after rooting the Adam, I had started playing with apps, and installed Google Sky Map, which installs and runs fine.  However, when using it at home, I found that it seems to show stars at a 180 degree offset horizontally, i.e. when pointing it west, it shows the eastern starfields.  There is also a lot of wobble on the screen, even when I’m holding the Adam steady.  The sky dome does not shift properly when panning the Adam around.

[I had also installed Penguin Skiing, the Android port of Tux Racer from Linux.  This game has 3D graphics and requires good processing power, besides utilising the accelerometer.  It was therefore a good way of testing the Adam’s capabilities.  However, I found that the Penguin veers to the right even when the Adam is held perfectly horizontal or flat, and getting it to slide straight means that I have to tilt the tablet considerably to the left.  I decided to double check, and installed Tux Rider, another port of the very same game.  It works perfectly, with the exception that both the games suddenly quit at the same spot on certain tracks.  However, if you want to check the graphic capabilities of your Adam and see how the accelerometer works, this game is for you, free of guilt.  Just note that high resolution mode slows the game down considerably, but it is OK in medium res and crisp in low].

I decided to check the compass / GPS problem with GPS Status, and found that the compass needle jerks continuously towards North even when the Adam is bearing towards West.   See the following video for proof.

One good thing about my Pixel Qi screen is that the transreflective mode (auto-backlight on) on e-book readers like Coolreader (and FBReader) gets rather close to e-ink screens, especially with sufficient ambient light.

Coolreader in transreflective mode

You could manually dim the backlight to the lowest possible in a very dark room, because the screen is a bit too bright with auto-backlight on.

Lastly, the top bezel on the Adam seems overpainted, and it casts a shadow on the screen.  While this may not be too much of a problem in normal use, reading e-books in portrait mode can result into a slightly irritating view as there is a shadow on the last character in each line.  In fact, the screen seems to extend 2mm under the border, if you look at it from a shallow angle.  The following image is from the top side, and you can see that it obstructs the view.

Top bezel

All in all, I am happy with my Adam, especially since I rooted it.  I have learned to use it, and it is a reliable companion in hours of leisure.  Most of the quirks and complaints are related to Android, which I hope matures into a proper OS with Honeycomb.  I am asking Notion Ink to address the dead pixel, blotch and compass issues under warranty, but I would not like to exchange it for another brand.  At least, not yet.


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4 Responses to Some hardware issues and accessory pics

  1. nithyanand says:

    Thanks for the detailed post. How come you’ve bought both the USB and bluetooth keyboards? I’d guess the smaller one is more useful?

  2. radicalvision says:

    Mr. Guy did his job. ppp+Usb modem drivers since honeycomb update 11


    • Nishit says:

      Hi Sandesh,

      I haven’t moved to HC yet, as I want to wait for the NI update to GB and see what their new kernel brings in. By the way, MrGuy has pulled the said kernel as it was creating more trouble elsewhere, so it was a good thing I didn’t switch.

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