I have often said that forums and blogs are no place to provide serious support or knowledge resources, and have even demanded that Notion Ink or some of its ardent and sincere fans could start a wiki on the lines of Openmoko.

Well, since none of you was apparently taking up my suggestion, I decided to start a wiki of my own.  Oh, hold your horses.  I just have a placeholder on my website yet. [Update: I am cancelling these plans, as Notion Ink Hacks has a Wiki now, and some other people have also made a beginning] I am yet to make up my mind if I have the time and energy to actually develop a wiki resource for the Adam.  I am also unsure if I want to do it by myself entirely, or if I should ask for volunteers.  This alternative would be difficult, as anybody with edit rights to the wiki would need to be a member of my Google Apps-hosted website.

However, I welcome an expression of your thoughts.

There has been another problem with my Adam that I didn’t mention earlier, but I think I should get serious about it.  The on-board camera seems to have a tremendous amount of difficulty with auto-focus.  Whether I am shooting a still or a video, it continuously goes in and out of focus, and I have no clue why.  I had shot a video on probably the second day of receiving it, and will post it here as an update later.

The reason I had been holding on was that I thought that the issue would be resolved after a system update, but two successive updates have solved nothing.  I am unsure now if this is a hardware issue or a software one.  I am thinking of adding this to my warranty claim, and yes, I have removed two layers of protective film from the lens.

I am going to Hong Kong this weekend, and fully intend to dump my laptop back in the office and carry the Adam instead.  This is a good opportunity of getting real experience of how it works as a meeting assistant.  Of course, I also intend to show it off to people coming in with iPads.  Does anybody have any recommendations on accessories I could pick up while I am there?


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2 Responses to Musings

  1. nithyanand says:

    I’ve yet to receive my Adam. And I’ve never so much as touched an Android device before. But if you think I can still contribute in some way, after I get my Adam, then count me in.

    • Nishit says:

      Hi Nithyanand,

      Thanks for volunteering. I think that even without any experience with Adam or Android, you could contribute by drawing together the existing knowledge resource and refining it. Let me catch a breather so that I can take this further.

      Meanwhile, I am still unable to post on NI’s blog and out of time for posting elsewhere. Can you propose the wiki idea at whichever forum you frequent, whenever you have the time? This would help us get more feedback and committed volunteers.

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