Damn Android. I want Linux.

Just look at the new Gnome, v3.0

I don’t want to be disappointed to learn Honeycomb won’t come to the Adam for another six months.  I don’t want the Android Market to restrict what I can install on it.  I don’t want to scroll through list after list of useless apps just to be reminded of the fickleness of human nature again and again.

I want something substantial, open and created with love.  Only Linux can complement the Adam in any meaningful way.

Note this, Rohan Shravan.


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carbon-based life form, prefers science, rationality and freedom
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3 Responses to Damn Android. I want Linux.

  1. nithyanand says:

    Ubuntu, I say!

    By the way, can you take a look at my comment on your previous post?

    • Nishit says:

      Yes I did, but I need to fetch my records. Been running around quite a bit lately.

    • Nishit says:

      By the way, Natty Narwhal looks to be embracing Unity all the way, so we may not get the Gnome desktop by default. However, it seems Unity too has been improved quite a bit and is very touch-friendly. I just want to be rid of this Android idiocy, and to hell with the market. The Linux repositories are way better.

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