Non-lethal solution for android.process.acore crash


[Update: Some people have reported that the ‘crash’ still returns after using the following procedure and going online again.  It seems that the problem may lie with the online contacts in Gmail or elsewhere that Android is trying to synchronise.  While I have not had this problem myself, this forum post suggests that the source of the error might be an incomplete date field in one or more of the online contacts.

If you have this issue, please go to the email accounts that you want to synchronise from a computer, look through your contact lists and correct the entries where you find suspicious items.  Also, report success here 🙂 ]

[Caution: You will still lose your contact database in using this approach.  Backup regularly].

I have talked earlier about the irritating crash of the android.process.acore process, which occurs due to the same contact featuring in multiple accounts that are being synced on Android, which leads to a conflict.

I had earlier suggested that you reset the Adam to factory settings to recover from this error, which is a solution that works, but is lethal to the installed apps and preferences on your device.

I had also suggested that only one Gmail account should be used for synchronisation as the main account, and configured in the Gmail app.  Any secondary Gmail accounts or Google App accounts should be configured in alternative email clients such as Mail’d.

This preventive solution did seem to work for me, but I again got the error a couple of days back.  I wasn’t willing to go through the pain of reinstalling my apps again, especially as the Android Market seems to restrict access to some apps periodically by rejecting the device, leading to multiple resets of Market, followed by reboots.

I figured that if the problem was occurring due to contact syncing conflicts, the solution also lay in contact management rather than identity management.  I therefore took the following steps:

  1. Go offline
  2. Go to Settings > Applications > All > Google Services Framework, hit Force Stop
  3. Go back a level, go to Gmail, hit Force Stop and Clear Data
  4. Go back a level, go to Contacts, hit Force Stop and Clear Data
  5. Go back a level, go to Contacts Storage, hit Force Stop and Clear Data
  6. Repeat steps 2, 4 and 5 for good measure
  7. Reboot, just to be safe

After rebooting and going online, I restarted Gmail, and it started downloading my mail again.  I have stopped getting the android.process.acore error now, and still have all my applications.

Try this non-lethal solution before using the drain cleaner.


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71 Responses to Non-lethal solution for android.process.acore crash

  1. fmpmacedo says:

    Thanks, very usefull 😉

    in my language:
    Obrigado, muito útil 😉

  2. Amit Tambe says:

    Nishit, useful as always!!!

    BTW, have you been able to load Eden X on your adam? I’ve been trying but have no luck. The rar extraction itself gives and error – and I’ve downloaded it a million times – different version as well 2.0.0, 2.0.2, 2.0.3 and 2.0.4!!!

  3. Nishit says:

    Hi Amit,

    I do what I can…knowledge grows when everybody shares, and everybody gains. That is the essence of the information freedom movement.

    Anyways, I haven’t tried Eden X, as I do not want to go through the trouble. I will wait for more updates from NI, and hope for Honeycomb coming our way in 2011. Otherwise, some committed people are working on Ubuntu.

    A friend of mine switched back from Eden X because it kept on giving him lots of forced closures. He also has an iPad, and I’m afraid he might ditch his Adam soon, because the iPad makes a lot of things easy while making a lot of things impossible, and you either hate it or love it, that is how the cookie crumbles.

    • Amit Tambe says:

      You’ve could have described the Apple mania better. I was never an apple fan (although I admit to having purchased the iPad) and was hoping that the adam would be comparable (I didn’t want it to kick Apple’s ass or anything – just a different and better experience). Unfortunately, there are three hardware issues which I think make the iPad experience a lot better:
      1. Display. I use the PQi and the display resolution and quality isn’t a patch over what you get in the iPad.
      2. Touch. The adam screen isn’t exactly what you would call sensitive. Sometimes I am furiously touching the screen without getting any response. Not a happy situation.
      3. Weight. Although most others haven’t complained about this, I still find the adam to be heavy (and now I’m comparing against the iPad2).

      Software I don’t mind as that is possible to fix, but the hardware bit we can’t solve. BTW, did you catch this on engadget?

      The reviewer’s done a fair analysis and very unbiased. I pretty much agree with him.

      BTW, iPad 2 is launching in India tomorrow. You buying?

  4. J. says:

    I’m not sure why I didn’t find “Google Services Framework” in my apps page, but I cleared data from both contacts apps and the probably is (at least for the moment) sort of resolved–I have calendar, contacts, and email, but no acore crash. Thank you!

    • Nishit says:

      Which device are you using, J? Google Services Framework should be under All Apps, especially if you have the official Gmail application or Google Talk or Google Market on your tablet / device.

  5. J. says:

    (sorry, problem, not probably)

  6. Thanks – yours is a great solution. It worked for me and if the problem comes up again at least I know what to try – and who to ask!

    • Nishit says:

      Thanks Lee! Actually, I have to admit that I don’t have any knowledge of Android’s internals. I just did what seemed obvious. Anyway, the acore process does not crash for me any longer even though I have all three of my Gmail / Google Apps accounts configured under the Gmail app, and I am currently on Froyo.

  7. Jim Packer says:

    Thanks, worked perfectly on a Dell Streak 7

  8. Chris Daley says:

    Sick to the power of rad! Thanks, this solved my problem and taught me an important lesson about backups…

  9. Karen Vakil says:

    I’m using a Samsung Galaxy POP and those errors r sooo annoying!! Ijust rooted me phone last night and this error started showiing today. so i did what u said i also factory resetted my phone..didnt help..pllllz help me someone!!!! FRUSTRATED!!!

    • Nishit says:

      [Edit: Try to update the firmware by following the steps mentioned in this thread:

      Also, does the crash occur only after you go online? Can you check if disabling sync and data connections solves the problem temporarily? In that case, as suggested in the aforementioned thread, it might be a contact in your Gmail account that could be creating the problem. Check all your contacts on Gmail and see if you have incomplete date fields anywhere.]

      Very strange to hear that a factory reset also does not help. The best thing to do for you is to get it re-flashed with a stock ROM.

  10. doenst worket for me =(

    when I went online again the “crash” return

    gona give another try

    • Nishit says:

      If the crash returns when you go online, you may need to see if some of your contacts on your Gmail account have an incomplete date field. Go online through a computer, check the records and correct them.

      • none of the solutions are working. as for your “incomplete date field” solution. none of my contacts have any dates in them. so should i manually put birth dates to all ??

        running on stock android. no app downloaded off late. never made any changes to my phone in terms of os. Pantech burst

      • ND says:

        Sorry to hear about that. Somebody might have done more research on this phenomenon. My method is called “throw everything at it and stick to whatever works” 😉

    • Nishit says:

      Interesting. Thanks for the information.

      It remains to be seen if most of the crashes happen due to Google Search 2.1. Further, if one needs to buy an app to freeze a process, I think Android would start to fare worse than Windows, where you need to buy Antivirus programs to protect your system from the smallest threats.

  11. Just wanted to say that this worked for me, even though I didn’t see Google Services Framework.

  12. Mike Wheeler says:

    I was having this error on my Lenovo Ideapad K1 tablet. Followed steps 1-7 above and it fixed the problem. I only have one Gmail account. Thanks Nishit.

  13. Seems to have worked very well for me, too. Great solution and great to be able to get such ‘anonymous’ help from people from all over the world. That’s definitely one bit I love about ‘globalization’!

    • Nishit says:

      Hey thanks! I only figured this out by reading other blogs and forums! The tablet that I own is also supported by people from all over the world. Visit for more information and possible help for any future needs for your device.

  14. Thank you! I didn’t know what to do to fix and it keeps getting worse. I tried to use the tablet yesterday and every time I tried to use the keyboard the error message hit then closed the keyboard. In going to Lenovo’s site, I didn’t find anything until I googled the problem and found this. Thank you!!!!

    • Nishit says:

      Thanks, good to know this worked for you. You can also go to Settings > Accounts & Sync and disable Contact syncing for your Gmail accounts for a while till you are sure things have stabilised.

  15. Hi, I have a HTC Desire/ Bravo. It is rooted and I use custom roms like MIUI or COS. Yesterday I switched the rom and used titanium backup to restore my apps and the data. after that I got the same crash like said above. with your help I was able to resolve the problem. thanks a lot

  16. Hello Nishit
    Muchas gracias !!! many thanks !!! for your post it really helps me !!! I’m a new user I do not know any about android yet , and in my third day of trying to use it, appear this failure !! so again many thanks !!!!


  17. Thank u a lot!)) It helped) After 2nd time of the loop it stopped)

  18. thx allot ! Your post helped me .

  19. I have a question before i try this. I can’t seem to find anywhere, if the contacts will automatically be synced back from google, after you clear the data? Or will it wipe your contacts from google cloud as well? Or will it think you removed them, and start removing them next time it syncs? 🙂 Hope you have an answer! Thanks! 🙂

    The funny thing is, i am using the Galaxy Nexus GSM (Euro) model, and just got the OTA upgrade to Jelly Bean (4.1.1), and after that the acore process just seems to go crazy. Its using up all my power on my device, draining battery in a matter of hours. I can see the process is always hugging 50% of the CPU of the phone. And also when entering the contacts, it takes forever to load. So i think your solution might do the trick of fixing it, and don’t want to hardware reset it! 🙂 Just want to be sure my contacts are still there afterwards! 🙂

    Hope you can help!

    • ND says:

      All the contacts you have on your gmail account should be restored. Same goes for say your exchange server account. Just check if your contacts have been synced at either places.

      Another thing you could try is to disable data / go offline, attach the phone with a PC through a cable and use the OEM-supplied software (if any) to backup your contacts.

  20. Thank you so much!!!
    I had the same problem after updating over Kies.
    It worked on my Samsung Galaxy S3 but still I have the warning “TouchWiz-Start stopped”… 😦
    And the touch screen works very slow…
    Please help…

    • ND says:

      Hi, it is best to do a factory reset after backing up your data. Then double check the updates you download, and then apply them.

      I do think that your phone might have been updating in the background after the upgrade, so you should also give it some time.

  21. It’s 2013 now and this still works.

  22. thank you so much, had the problem after installing 4.1.1 on my HTC One S, your solution worked

  23. Hi,
    thanks a lot, perfect solution !!!
    seems as it also works when you only stop/delete-data of the contact-apps (contact data & contacts)
    Lenovo A1 7″ Tablet under android 2.3.4

  24. Henry Jin says:

    The clear-data method is just temporary solution for me. Whenever I reboot my HTC One S, the annoying “android.process.acore” message shows up again. I believe the root reason is the data quality of my Gmail Contacts. So I “divide and conquer” my 300+ contacts by importing and deleting again and again…. Then it turned out contact entry of my wife is the bug-causing data!!! I immediately realized the root problem: my wife’s birthday is Feb 29, the leap day. To prove the idea. I emptied my contacts and create only one dummy contact with birthday 1976-02-29. Then in HTC One S, the only-one contact is synced, open to view it I see “March 1st” as birthday (wrong), open to edit it I see 1976-02-29 (correct). After I reboot the phone, I see the “android.process.acore” message again!!! So I modified my wife’s birthday to be Feb 28, everything works like charm.

    After above research I googled “android.process.acore feb 29”, and found this Therefore though I am an original finder, I am not the first one.

    • ND says:

      Wow! This is very interesting! I don’t know if this is the cause for everybody though, but it does merit research. I think there are many boundary conditions that are not handled properly by Google/Android.

  25. This did the trick. Fixed a Lenovo A1-07 tablet running Andriod 2.3.4. Thanks!

  26. Whew, I’m glad I found your post just in time. Just got my new Ainol Novo9 Spark and those frequent errors were making me hate the tablet. If not for your helpful post, I’d have resorted to some drastic firmware hit-and-trial experiments. Thanks FreeDune!

    • ND says:

      Ha! Always better to check first!

      I have totally bricked a brand new personal wifi hotspot once due to impatience during an unnecessary firmware update on first run.

      Good that you didn’t do anything drastic. If you root your tablet, be sure to install a Permission Fixer along with Android Terminal Emulator and Hacker’s Keyboard from the Store.

  27. Joel Pornia says:

    thank you so much for the solution you shared it helps a lot to me youre genius…

  28. The processes have not helped… I’m using a Telefunken Netpad TPAD-100A3GEC… It seems like there hasn’t actually been any solutions specifically regarding this device. The error message ‘Android Process Acore has stopped Unexpectedly. Please try again’ just keeps popping up no matter what I’m doing. My Tablet does not have any gmail account created at the moment and also no wireless connection is syncronized. I saw a video on youtube and the guy spoke about getting a firmware update repair for my device. I have been searching for hours with no good feedback. Please help

    • ND says:

      It would be very difficult to work out what exactly is wrong with the tablet in these circumstances.

      You could do a full backup and then try a system factory reset, of you haven’t done so already.

  29. Peggy Taylor says:

    okay, I admit, I’m a novice…but HOW do I go offline???? I go to applications, but don’t see ALL, etc. Sorry to be so ignorant.

  30. murthytrs says:

    Hi, Thanks for the post,
    Even I have similar issue with my mmx a116, I had rooted my phone. So I tried to solve by formatting the system, also urooted it, even did a factory reset, But problem never solved. So Even I came to a same conclusion as you, But I have few questions
    1. What is the frequency of this problem, how often it happens. ?
    2. Even you network connections get disables at this time?
    3. Does all the process stops abruptly and reports an error?
    4. and Does your phone finally hangs at this time, ? So only temporary solution would be restart?

    • ND says:

      Thanks for your comment. I haven’t had thia problem in a long time on my old tablet, but I have also upgraded it to a Jelly Bean ROM. This issue might have been more acute on Froyo/Gingerbread.

      If you face a problem of apps crashing frequently, you can try running the Fix Permissions app (needs root and caused by it), or if you have CWM Recovery, try Fix Permissions from the recovery menu.

  31. Amaya Ramiel says:

    Thank you so much for this! I’d been trying so many different things all day and was worried my last resort would be a factory-settings system restore! I had noticed that the problem was connected to the account syncs, but couldn’t figure out how to just make the tablet stop trying to sync up all together. Force-stopping and data-clearing Gmail and the other accounts seems to have done the trick. Many, many thanks!

  32. Deepak Raj says:

    I did not work for me :(.. I have faced this issue sometime back and I did reset to factory default. It works, I know… But, now I got this same error after several days and I hate to do factory default again. This time I see a pattern. Every time I try to add a contact, it throws this error. It is not allowing to add contacts in my phone. I installed Log Viewer to see what exactly is going wrong, and it tells me clearly that “IllegalStateException – Top level element must be ContactsSource”. The full exception is “1991/AndroidRuntime: FATAL EXCEPTION: AsyncTask #1
    java.lang.RuntimeException: An error occured while executing doInBackground()
    at android.os.AsyncTask$3.done(
    at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask$Sync.innerSetException(
    at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask.setException(
    at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask$Sync.innerRun(
    at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
    at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$
    Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Top level element must be ContactsSource
    at android.os.AsyncTask$
    at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask$Sync.innerRun(
    … 4 more”

    But really donno how to resolve it without reset to factory default!! 😦

    • ND says:

      I’m sorry, I won’t be able to help you here. You could check if there are some conflict issues with contacts on your Gmail based accounts, or some other account.

  33. Dean Bolt says:


    I have a Galaxy S3, did a factory rest because of the android.process.acore message. On powering back up from Factory reset it still comes up with android.process.acroe has stopped working. Have gone and cleaned the cache, yet still comes up with message after reboot.


  34. I’m using a Lenovo P700i and I’m having the same problem but doing the all these solutions doesn’t work for me, I’ve had it factory wiped multiple times and it doesn’t really work. So do I have to send it to the service center?

  35. Hallo I had the Problem after disableing “Samsung Calender” The recurring message stoppt the moment I enabled the function again. Thank to your Article I found the solution.. Thanks a lot.

  36. Jason Reeves says:

    I have this problem migrating from 2 phones – diff. architecture and diff android versions but both are 4.4.x ( < Lillipop ). It came about when I used titanium to restore my google accounts, The accounts where restored but there was nothing I can do abt the error. I dont think I tried that hard with pkill && clear cache. I did clear all caches and it never went. So I had to use the "drain cleaner" and I have to manually add all the info

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