Notion Ink deleting inconvenient posts on Conclave?

It seems people are right when they allege that Notion Ink is deleting posts that are critical from their wordpress blog and on Conclave.  Just today, I started a thread on Conclave expressing concern about their condition and the lack of any updates or sign of their various promises being carried out.  I also speculated if the ‘100 employees’ claim made by their CEO Rohan Shravan was a continuation of his saying something and then clarifying it meant something else – that it was a binary number.

Guess what? That post was deleted promptly, unlike their well-documented responsiveness to calls for support.

So here’s a screen grab from another thread where I have commented.  Let us see if they allow it to exist.


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One Response to Notion Ink deleting inconvenient posts on Conclave?

  1. Udayan U says:

    It has happened to many of us on Notion Ink blog and conclave. Infact during PO3 I had made a post telling I will be buying an EEEpad transformer. I was banished from the blog for life !

    Hey btw, have you checked out ? Contact me if you are interested in being a part of our website.

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