I have an INFRACTION on Conclave! Shudder!!

I happened to follow a link to http://conclave.notionink.com, and guess what? I had a PM from Chief.  Here’s what it reads:

Infraction - screen grab

Ooh Scary!

Can you read my comment? It was in response to the following post on Conclave.  Seems someone there is just a sensitive little sissy (oh, apologies to the ladies and the ultra gentle men…I know there are so many strong women and men in the world).

Some evolution

Reproduced without any permission

I don’t think it was the aforementioned person flagging my post.  My reply was made a long time after hers, and she seems to have never visited the site again.

It seems someone at Notion Ink does not like the fact that I make some rough comments occasionally about their Genesis program, which was aborted like an unwanted pregnancy. Oh wait, is there some religious angle to this?


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carbon-based life form, prefers science, rationality and freedom
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5 Responses to I have an INFRACTION on Conclave! Shudder!!

  1. Jai Bhole says:

    How dare you speak against or question Rohan/Wisdom? 😉

  2. sanclementejedi says:

    looks like you angered the thought police 😉

    • Freedune says:

      The thought police also pervade the community forum where further free development / support work is ongoing.

      Thanks for visiting my blog, Jedi from San Clemente!

      By the way, I had once visited your beautiful neighbourhood and stayed at the St. Regis at Laguna (spent the days in meetings at the Ritz Carlton, so no time for the beach). I hope I will one day be able to afford a personal vacation there!

      • sanclementejedi says:

        Those are a couple of swanky hotels, I have never stayed at, been at the pools and bars a few times and stopped in for a wedding or two.
        Some great beaches around here and smaller hotels/rentals that don’t cost an arm and a leg 😉

      • Freedune says:

        Yes, I think that would be a good option – I used to travel on business a lot earlier, but no longer. I need to save up for a family vacation to the US though! Thanks for the idea.

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