By the way, we have VLC for Android

Everybody loves the VLC media player, which is now distributed under the LGPL for various Operating Systems.  You will see Android listed, but actually there is no official distribution yet.  So where do you go if you’re looking for a capable, Free (as in speech) multimedia player for your Android device, and all you can find is a streaming package called VLC Direct masquerading on the Android Market?

Fear not, intrepid developers have been compiling VLC for Android since some time.  The excellent group of developers on TabletROMs too has compiled VLC for Tegra 2 devices (Thank you, Dima_TR).  Here’s a mediafire download link to vlc.apk.

The build works, and many formats play fine on it.  It is not perfect, but if we get more interest, more developers could be interested to work on it.  Read the forum posts before you try it.


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